Medicinal Cannabis
Ayurcann Marketing Department

Ayurcann Marketing Department

In the world of cannabis concentrates, the distillate has one of the highest percentages of THC. Be warned, a distillate can have a potency of up to 99%.  So if you’re not ready for a super potent dab, distillates will knock you out.  Be that as it may, studies have shown that 9% of Canadian cannabis users were already using distillate products prior to Cannabis 2.0. That number has jumped to 23% according to a survey conducted by the Canadian government as of 2020.   One of the main benefits of introducing distillates into the legal market is that it will allow for more accurate dosing.  Given the nature of the distillate, manufacturers can now provide users exact measurements of what they will be receiving and how to dose.

So what makes a cannabis distillate different from every other concentrate? Well, the answer lies in the extraction process referred to as “shot path distillation.” The process takes your average dabs and makes them safer and stronger. The process is spit into two parts. First, a machine cuts the terpenes and removes them from the cannabinoids.  The second half of the process removes the lipids, impurities, and solvents, leaving a clear concentrate with no smell. Distillate appears as a clear, golden oil that is odorless, unless the terpenes have been reintroduced.  Under the new regulations introduced in Cannabis 2.0, Licensed Producers of Cannabis can now introduce distillate products into the market for recreational consumption

Medicinal Cannabis
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Cannabis distillate has many alternative uses.  For advanced users, distillate can be consumed in its post-production state without further enhancements, through vaping, or dabbing. The effects of this consumption method can be experience immediately.  As an alternative, distillate can also be added to dry flower in a bowl or joint, to intensify the users high without altering the flavour or odour.  Alternatively, consumers may opt to use a dropper.  Through this method, distillate can be ingested sublingually, under the tongue. For those novice users, however, distillate can be mixed into topicals or oils creating a transdermal solution that allows for the dosage to be absorbed through the skin. Although, one of the most highly anticipated consumption methods of distillate are edible product lines. Through infusing distillate into various foods such as gummy candies, chocolates and baked goods, cannabis companies can effectively create a micro-dose without compromising on taste.

The purity and potency of a distillate are unmatched.  It takes a long time to make than other concentrates.  Not to mention the advanced equipment needed to make distillates makes them more expensive than other dabs.  With no residual solvents, they hit smoother than most other concentrates. The estimated market size for the new cannabis consumable goods is estimated to be over $2.7 billion, with $1.6 billion being generated from edibles alone. Licensed Producers who are first to market with distillate and distillate infused products are sure to garner a large profit from the market share.

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