Glow Topicals

Brighten your day or night with Glow. An innovative maximum-strength lotion with an uplifting scent. Formulated with all-natural botanicals and essential oils, massage into skin to start and finish your day.

Glow Day Cream

Glow Day Cream is a pure CBD moisturizer allowing your skin to feel light and airy throughout the day.

Total THC: 0mg 

Total CBD: 1000mg 

Size: 60g

Glow Night Cream

Glow Night Cream is a moisturizing balance of THC and CBD best used at night when applying to skin.

Total THC: 500mg 

Total CBD: 500mg 

Size: 60g

Glow Day/Night Combo Pack

Enjoy the benefits of both Glow Day and Night Cream with one purchase.

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