Milled & Pre Roll

Best with Black Hash

Dragon's Breath
Pirate Potion

All new


26-32% THC

Powerful Sativa

Avast, ye scallywags! Set sail for the ultimate sativa treasure – Pirate Potion be its name. With enough THC to shiver your timbers and a citrusy aroma that’ll make you say, “Arrr, that’s good!”

Me hearties! If ye be seekin’ the legendary citrus-scented booty, look no further than Pirate Potion. The high be as tall as the masts, and the flavor be as lively as a pirate’s chanty!

Ye won’t need a treasure map to find delight – just follow your nose to the zesty allure of Pirate Potion. With THC levels that’d make you blush, it’s a voyage ye won’t soon forget!

3 x 0.5g Pre-roll

Milled Flower

Coming soon

Up to


while still boasting a smooth and
flavourful experience.

Up to


More Pre-roll and milled sizes are on the way.
The voyage is just beginning!

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