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Ayurcann Marketing Department

Ayurcann Marketing Department

Indica strains of cannabis and extracts are usually closely linked between their THC and CBD ratios. With indica, CBD is a primary cannabinoid so one may expect the following effects.  
  1. Pain Relief  
  2. Anxiety levels lowering  
  3. Decrease in muscle spasms.  
  4. Enhanced sleep  
  5. Increase in appetite. 
With an emphasis on the balance of both THC and CBD, users of indica based products could experience the benefits listed above, while also minimizing side effects of cannabis such as dry mouth or heavy intoxication.  
In physical appearance, indica is visibly bushier than sativa, and has shorter and wider leaves.  
Sativa strains of cannabis and extracts are high in THC and lower in CBD. These strains are often known as mood energizers or brain stimulants. Sativa, because low in CBD, will have less of an impact on muscle aches and spasms. Rather, most know sativa as the strain to make one more energetic.  
One may experience the following effects when taking sativa.  
    1. Uplifting and Euphoric thoughts  
    2. Increased energy  
    3. Increased attention to detail
    4. Creativity boosts
pharmaceutical grade products


A hybrid simply means that the parents of the plant are distinct types of flower. The cross between the two can potentially come with health benefits of both sativa and indica. This creates a potential pain relief energy booster or creative enhanced sleep. Moreover, you can have more dominant strains like a 60/40 Indica favored, or 90% favored. The options are limitless.  

Which One is for you? 

Each strain is produced with varying amounts of THC and CBD. Some Sativa strains are higher in THC, while others are lower. Some ratios in Indica favor CBD over THC and vice versa. This is to say that just because a strain is labeled as sativa or an indica, does not mean all their effects are the same.  

In physical appearance, sativa is notably taller, slimmer, longer, and shorter than indica. 

It may be difficult to find the strain that best fits your needs without professional help. Ask your doctor or a professional which strain is best for you.

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