Hippie Classics
Funky Monkey

1g Vapes

Oh So Flavourful.

Oh So Magic.

Call back to the times of 60s, 70s, and 80s!

Get your hippie on!


Milled Flower


Hippie Classics.

Trippie Vibes.

Where super flavour meets super potent. Xplor Vapes boasts a potency of 84-90% without compromising on flavour.

Hippie Classics coming in the most raw form there is.

Classic Milled Flower for you to Xplor.

Funky Monkey

Pre-Rolls & Infused Blunt

Welcome To The Funk!

Funky Monkey pre-rolls brings you the classic funk. So funky it’ll have you going ape shi**.

Funky Monkey

Infused Blunt

Funky Monkey


Visit us soon. More products are soon to come!

Magic runs in the family.

Ready for new Adventures.

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